5 Common Dog UTI Symptoms

date: 18 June 2024

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In Dogs, Urinary Tract Infections Can be Very Painful And Even Progress to a Lsnger-Term Illness Learning to recognize these signs early is imperative for prompt treatment.

Frequent Urination

Excessive Urination- The most obvious indicators of UTI in dogs is the running to pee towards any available bush. Increased frequency to go outside

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Straining to Urinate

Dogs with UTIs may struggle to urinate or have trouble urinating. This also may be accompanied by moaning or apparent discomfort.

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Blood in Urine

The most obvious symptom of blood in your dog´s urine indicates a UTI. Urine may be pink, red, or darker than usual

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Licking Urinary Opening

During my WHS training, if a dog licks around its urinary opening a lot, we learned that they are trying to soothe the irritation caused by a UTI.

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Accidents in the House

Since dogs are known to be housetrained, but dogs experiencing UTIs, then instead puppies may have injuries in the house. This sudden shift in behavior is a red flag.

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Behavioral Changes

Dogs with UTIs exhibit signs of irritability, lethargy, and decreased appetite most of the time.

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Conclusion: Knowing how to identify UTI symptoms in your dog is the first stage in getting them the treatment they need.


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