5 Easy Ways to Treat a Stye

date: 18 June 2024

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A stye is a red, painful lump on the eyelid that can be caused by an infected gland. Thankfully, there are a variety of easy, home-remedies that work.

Warm Compress

You can also apply a warm compress to your affected eye several times a day to alleviate pain and swelling and encourage drainage.

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Maintain Eyelid Hygiene

Eyelid hygiene is necessary Cleans your eye lids very softly with simple soap and water to avoid becoming more infected.

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Avoid  Squeezing the Stye

Never attempt to squeeze or pop the stye. This can further spread the infection, aggravating the case.

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Use Over the Counter Treatments

Antibiotic ointment or eye drops can also help clear the infection. Ask your Pharmacist or a Doctor.

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Avoid Eye Makeup

Do not wear eye makeup or contact lenses during a Sty, otherwise it might irritate the eye and become infected.

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Seek Medical Advice  if Needed

Antibiotics may be prescribed by your doctor or minor surgical drainage may be recommended.

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Conclusion: Simple home treatment for a stye (warm compresses and proper hygiene). If the pain returns periodically, see a healthcare professional for treatment.


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