A Guide to Preventing Tick-Borne Disease

date: 7 June 2024

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Tick-borne diseases are infections transmitted by tick bites. Preventing tick bites is essential to avoid these potentially serious illnesses.

Wear Protective Clothing

When spending time in tick-infested areas, wear long sleeves, long pants, and tuck your pants into your socks to keep ticks off your skin.

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Use Insect Repellent

Apply insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin, or permethrin to your skin and clothing to repel ticks effectively.

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Avoid Tick Habitats

Ticks thrive in grassy, wooded, and brushy areas. Stay on clear paths and avoid walking through tall grass or leaf piles.

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Check for Ticks

After being outdoors, perform a thorough tick check on yourself, your children, and pets. Pay special attention to hidden areas like the scalp and armpits.

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Shower After Outdoor Activities

Showering within two hours of being outdoors can help remove ticks before they attach and reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases.

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Keep Your Yard Tick-Free

Maintain your yard by mowing the lawn regularly, removing leaf litter, and creating a tick-safe zone away from wooded areas.

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Treat Pets for Ticks

Use veterinarian-recommended tick prevention products on pets to protect them from tick bites and reduce the risk of bringing ticks indoors.

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Know the Symptoms Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of tick-borne diseases, such as fever, rash, and muscle aches.  Seek medical attention if you experience these after a tick bite.

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Conclusion Preventing tick-borne diseases involves proactive measures and awareness.  Follow these tips to stay safe and enjoy the outdoors without the risk of tick bites.


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